Do no Harm.

Last Update: Oct 30, 2006

First a very brief summary on the state of Reality up to the present:


Fundamentally Skepticism originated as a response to the eternal debate between Realism and Idealism. The Skeptic intervened with the observation we cannot determine whether Reality is real or an illusion, therefore the debate between Realism and Idealism can never be settled. We will never know the truth.

A more radical form of Skepticism is a natural extension of this observation which then assumes since we cannot know this fundamental truth about Reality, and everything is part of Reality, we cannot know the fundamental truth about anything.


Fundamental Solipsism begins where Skepticism leaves off. The Solipsist states 'I don't care' whether Reality is real or an illusion. If I cannot tell the difference, then to me there is no difference. The only thing that matters to me is how I perceive Reality. If I kick a rock I will perceive pain whether or not the rock is real or only an illusion in my own mind.

Rational Solipsism goes further in its observation that since I know I exist, but I cannot be certain anything else actually does, then the only Reality is the Reality that exists in my own mind. It makes no difference what so ever if there is independent existence beyond my perception. If I do not observe it; it does not exist in my Reality.
Fundamentally we are all Rational Solipsist within our own minds as the only Reality we can be aware of is the Reality which we personally perceive. Whether our perceived Reality is a true representation of what actually exists is beyond our ability to ascertain since we can only know what exists within our own perceptions. When we perceive an object we are not actually seeing the object itself; we examine the image of that object that is projected within our own minds.

We cannot know for certain how any other mind is perceiving that same object, or its own Reality.

Absolute Solipsism takes the concept to its extreme and states since the only truth that exists is in my own mind, and my mind is the only mind I can be certain exists, then everything I perceive must be an illusion of my own mind. No thing, and no other minds, really exists. I am absolutely alone in my own Universe.

Note that neither fundamental or rational solipsists genuinely entertain the concept their minds are the only minds that exist. Their fundamental abstraction is in the observation of their own Reality and make no real distinction between Realism and Idealism, while the absolute solipsist is squarely in the Idealist camp.

Absolute Solipsism garners the most attention and is almost universally defined as the exclusive definition for Solipsism. Since Rene' Descartes famous exclamation "I Think; therefore I am!" most modern philosophy is an extension of Fundamental or Rational Solipsism prejudiced by the philosopher's own leanings toward either Realism or Idealism.

The Demise of Realism:

Until the latter part of the 19th century our perceptions of Reality developed from the unchecked debate; despite the protest of Skepticism and Solipsism, between Realist and Idealist. While Realism propagated in the West, Idealism maintained its influence in Eastern philosophy and Religious concepts. Western philosophy has the Realist concept the Mind exists in the Universe. Eastern philosophy maintains the Idealist concept the Universe exists in the Mind.

Western Science is descended from Realism as is most Western Religious concepts. Both maintain a Dualism of a real world fabricated from an unknown fundamental substance in which we are only participants and have little or no control over anything outside our own bodies.

Eastern philosophy is more Holistic in its approach maintaining the Buddhist concept there is emptiness at the heart of all matter and we are all connected and responsible for our Consensus Reality.

Late in the 19th century Western thinking began to change, and by the beginning of the 20th century a full fledged revolution took place as the leading minds in physics discovered they had all been transformed into metaphysicist.

Bohr, Heisenberg, Einstein, Planck et al, realized the study of the physical was essentially the study of the metaphysical nature of Reality.

Einstein's proclamation "Reality is an illusion; albeit a persistent one." discarded Realism down the Quantum rabbit hole taking Skepticism along with it.

Contrary to the proclamation of the Skeptics that we can never know the true nature of Reality, it was Western Science that unraveled Realism to discover there really isn't a fundamental particle anywhere to be found. Once we dissect our physical universe down to the Planck length we found all matter really is composed of "emptiness" and Reality is a Grand Illusion.

The question now confronting Quantum Theorist and Philosophers alike, is how does that illusion work?

The Observer


"I think"

We, the human species, can and have argued ad infinitum over what we each think, with little to no consensus on just about anything. The history of human discourse gives testament to our solipsism. The fact that after 5000 years of searching for "The Truth" and there still is not a single point not in contention, attests to the elemental flaw in our endeavors.

Fundamentally we are all Solipsist within our own minds, and what we perceive to be The Truth we then assume must be The Truth for all. It is our own solipsism that has each of us trapped within our own minds creating our own Reality and blinding us to the essence of what The Truth really is. We assume the other creatures we perceive populating our Universe are part of our own Reality and therefore must also share in the truth that we ourselves perceive. We are then befuddled and outraged when others contest our perceptions of truth and Reality.

We cluster in cliques of entangled perceptions and wage war on those who would dare challenge our convictions. We not only think we are right; we know we are right.
So does the other guy.

There will never be Peace on Earth and Good Will to all Creatures until we accept the inescapable conclusion we each exists in our own observer created Reality, and no two minds have the very same perspective, and therefore cannot have the very same perceptions of Reality.

We are fundamentally solipsist in our own minds and create our own Reality to exist in.

What one mind see as fact, another mind may see as fiction.

Reality is not only malleable, it is fundamentally interactive. It conforms to our expectations and our anxieties.
We cannot say one part of Reality is malleable and another part is not. We cannot exclude any part of Reality from being manipulate by our apprehensions.

Reality is Information processed by an Observer.
You are the Observer for your own Reality.


Excerpt from: Reality, Belief and The Mind
by Gene Zimmer

"It's up to you to choose grand beliefs, wondrous convictions, noble
purposes and lofty ideals. Then recognizing yourself as the final
source of all your meaning, belief and conviction will not degrade
into apathy and lack of meaning."
Gene Zimmer


After years of searching for a Universal Philosophy and taking into account the beliefs of just about everyone, I have come to one conclusion: The Truth is what you believe it to be. Every truth is the truth; no matter what it is you believe.

I started out asking why do people believe all the different things they do. I have spoken with uncounted many, on everything from ESP, Reincarnation, Spirits, God, The Devil, UFO's, and just about every other mystery of the universe.
I examined many religions and read dozens of philosophies. Investigated Hypnosis and the Placebo Effect, QM, Super String and M-Brane Theories, The Many Worlds theory, Voodoo and Witch Craft. All in a search for The Truth. What I have finally concluded is what I believe to be a new concept. I call it Poly-Solipsism.


1: Every mind is a universe unto itself.

All we can know of Reality is what we perceive. All knowledge of our Universe is therefore perceived knowledge. All Truths are perceived Truths.

So what happens when we each perceive a different truth?
By "truth" I do not mean just philosophical truth; that of Faith and Religion, but also the every day truth of existence and the everyday truth of what we call Reality.
When we look out at the world we assume the world we see is true; it is really there, and everyone else is perceiving the very same world we do. We cannot know that for a certainty. We cannot even be certain everyone else actually sees the same world we do. And if they do see the same world, are they perceiving it exactly as we are perceiving it?
We already know the answer to that question is no. There is little or no harmony in our perceptions of Reality or truth.

In spite of all this disharmony we pretty well manage to get along with most others, but every so often we are confronted with someone so alien to us in some way, we feel they must certainly be from another Universe!

It is an entirely accurate observation.
Everyone of us really does exist in a different universe. One all our own, and self created by our perceptions of truth and Reality.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ From Dr Fred Alan Wolf's web site:

Question: Do we project reality?

Answer: The evidence of physiology seems to indicate so. It tells us that our memories alter our perceptions and hence color our senses of the putative objective world. Hence the world we see appears according to our expectations. A change in expectations leads to a different view of the world. Since we can't get beyond our subjective views, we can never really determine what is absolutely "out there." Classical neurophysiology would say that our minds play tricks on us and in some sense distort the "true" objectivity of the world. The quantum neurophysiology returns to the shamanic or magical view that there is no "out there" until it's perceived. Both views suggest we must project in order to perceive.

Dr Fred Alan Wolf.

"We must project in order to perceive."

Quantum Theory tells us our Reality is created from the collapse of a wave function of potential probabilities when it is observed. Before it is observed it exists in the quantum universe as a nebulous field of Information of all the potential possibilities that wave function could collapse into. The wave function is information without substance. At the instant of observation that wave function of information collapses into the reality anticipated by the observer. The wave function collapses from a nebulous field of information of all the potential probabilities into the exact information extracted from all the probabilities that was anticipated by the observer.
Anticipation is what the observer is projecting. It is what the observer believes and expects.
The wave function collapses into that truth, and that truth is then what is perceived!

But what happens to all the other information of potential probabilities that did not collapse? They are still there in the quantum universe waiting to be observed. The observer only selected one out of untold potentials.
Another observer can collapse the wave function into the very same information, or may perceive things a bit differently and collapse the wave function into a different truth and a different Reality.

No two minds are exactly alike. We all have different perspectives and therefore perceive things differently. Sometimes a little, but sometimes what we each perceive is so different it's as if we are each existing in a different Universe.

If we each collapse the wave function into a different Reality, we each exist in a different Reality; we each exist in a different Multi-Universe. But they all issue from the same quantum of information. The wave function that collapsed was the same wave function in every multi-verse. So every multi-verse is entangled by the same wave function.

We each exist in our own universe created by our own perceptions and the wave function we collapsed into the information we each anticipated from the nebulous field of potential probabilities.

The Problem of Individuality in a One Consciousness Singularity.

Why are there individual minds or egos? How did a Singularity of One Consciousness evolve to be composed of the Many?

If we start out with "A" Singularity, how did we acquire our individual egos? I think the problem lies in how we conceptualize The Singularity. We cannot conceptualize The Infinite and Unbound Singularity the same way we would a finite spacetime object. There is no correlation between The Singularity and anything that exists within our perceptions of Universe.
The Singularity was never "A" Singularity. It is not an Object, it has always been Infinite, and most importantly, "Unbound"!

The Singularity has always been a Multiplicity of infinite degrees of freedom. Our minds are the infinite degrees of freedom of The Singularity.

To understand this a little better lets consider our spacetime Universe. We say we have height, depth, width, and time. We call them Dimensions but this is a misnomer. There is only one "Dimension;" the Universe, but it has four "degrees of freedom" to exist in. Actually, the last time I checked, the Theorist tell us our Universe has 11 degrees of freedom, but we are only aware of four.

If we conjure up a mental image of our Universe we can start with a point and then expand that point to include all the degrees of freedom we can mentally envision. In this way we can 'see' our physical Universe is but one "dimension": the point we started with, but for our physical Universe to exist as we know it, we have to allow it the 'degrees of freedom' it requires.

When viewed this way it becomes apparent there is only one dimension of Universe, but it needs to have all its degrees of freedom for it to exist.

Remove any one of these degrees of freedom and the Universe would not exist at all, and if the Universe does not exist, none of the other degrees of freedom could exist. Our Universe is dependent on all of them entangling together to give our Universe the freedom it requires to exist.

It is the same for what we call our minds, our individuality. It is because of the way we view Consciousness that leads to our confusion. We only perceive the 'dimension' of consciousness we are aware of; our own. In trying to consider consciousness from the point of view of an Infinite and Unbound Singularity, we must remember The Singularity has no end, and therefore does not exists as an 'is' and is always in a state of Potential existence.

I believe to understand Consciousness we must do so from point of view of The Singularity, and not from inside the Universe, which can only give us a partial view of the end results, and not the whole perspective. Attempting to view consciousness from inside the Universe we only obtain a partial view the same way we view any one of the spacetime 'degrees of freedom' of the Universe when we call it 'a dimension.' Consciousness is not a separate entity existing by itself. It cannot exist in isolation just as Height cannot exist in isolation.

Without all other degrees of freedom entangled together, any single one in isolation has no meaning. We can perceive it separately, but it cannot exist separately.

Our minds and not separate entities existing isolated from all others. Just as Height has no meaning without all the other degrees of freedom, a single mind has no meaning without another mind to compare itself against.
The Observer is the "I" within the Ego, and requires the duality of "I" and "not I" to give any meaning to itself. It is this philosophical duality between what is perceived as "I" and what is perceived as "Not I" that generates Awareness of self. Without the perception of that which is "Not I" there is no relativity; there is no-thing to measure against and therefore meaning of "I" and Awareness of both "I" and "Not I" is lost.

Our minds provide the infinite degrees of freedom of the One Consciousness of The Singularity.

The Singularity is Consciousness, and what each mind envisions; what each mind can imagine; what each mind can create; what each mind believes, adds potential to our degrees of freedom.

It is only our own egotistical nature that presumes one intellect is superior to any other. All are of equal importance to The Singularity, and none would have any meaning without all the others.

"I Think; therefore I am!"

It is Nothingness of perspective that separates all egos within The Singularity. It is the separation by Nothingness that provides each mind with its own perspective and allows each ego its own state of mind. Without this separation by "Nothingness" there can be no perception of a philosophical duality. All perspectives collapse into a single Ego and Individuality, Awareness, and the meaning of "I" vanishes.

We are not 'part' of The Singularity, and we are not 'in' The Singularity. We are the Infinite degrees of freedom of The Singularity.

We are The Singularity.

Basically I believe quantum physics, especially the New Age interpretation of the Copenhagen Interpretation, is telling us Reality is not only mutable, it is fundamentally interactive. Reality responds to our anticipations and our anxieties. What we project into the quantum illusion is echoed back at us in the form of a holographic "persistent" illusion we perceive as Reality.
"We reap what we sow."
Within the Metaphysical Universe of Quantum Theory itself there exists as many interpretations as there are Theorist. I believe many theorist are missing the essence of their own findings; Reality is an Observer generated illusion. Everything we perceive as Reality does not in reality exist. It is all a Grand Illusion perpetrated by our own minds.
Such a conclusion is abhorrent to our senses and our minds rile against it, but if we are to have any faith at all in the evidence, we are left with no other choice but to accept where that evidence is leading.
We cannot pick and choose and say only this part of Reality is an illusion but not this part.
All is Illusion.
Consequently, quantum physics itself; being a part of of our perceived Reality, must then also be part of the Illusion.
Quantum Physics therefore becomes the illusion that has exposed itself to be an illusion.

Remember that once we venture down the rabbit hole we eventually land in Wonderland and find ourselves having tea with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. What is so disconcerting about the quantum state of unreality is essentially it is the Mad Hatter who is not only throwing the party, but serving the tea and cakes.

2: Every mind strives to create its own perfect universe.

We all believe the truth we perceive, but we only perceive the truth we believe.

Fundamentally we are all Solipsist within our own minds. What we perceive to be truth and Reality we assume is the only truth and the only Reality, and therefore must be perceived exactly the same by all other Observers.

The Singularity is pure infinite and unbound Consciousness. Once we attempt to define, or describe anything beyond The Singularity, we do so through the lens of our own personal universe.

All truth is perceived truth and exists only in your own mind. We can only describe the truth that exists in our own personal universe. We cannot describe the truth that may or may not exist in any other universe.

Every Philosophy, every perception of truth, and every perception of Reality is just one person's description of what they perceive in their own personal universe. They are describing what they see through the hazy lens of their own creation.

We use our storehouse of accumulated knowledge to fashion the lens we look through. What you see as being true is only what you have created from that information. We each fashion our own, and once we begin to fashion our lens it begins to filter out any truth that does not reenforce itself. Our minds do not like contradictions or paradoxes. Whenever it is confronted with something that challenges its own perceptions of truth and Reality it rebels and denies those perceptions. Our minds refuses to accept anything that does not already fit into the illusion of truth it has constructed.

Where did you acquire all the information you now possess? Think of all the things you know, and all the things you believe to be true. Where did this information about your Reality come from?

Before we became discriminating and selective, we added everything to our storehouse of acquired knowledge. Without sufficient information to make an 'informed judgement' all data was accepted as true. As we accumulate more and more information we begin to construct our web of truth which forms the hazy lens that clouds our perception. Sooner or later we run into information that does not align with our fabrication. The new information creates a paradox. The mind struggles over it, and either rejects it outright, or takes that information and changes it to create something new that will align with its previous perceptions. We take the information we are given, and change it into what we can believe.

3: The laws of that universe are solely governed by the perception of the mind.

Controlling Reality.

Reality is not what we consciously wish to believe; Reality is what we subconsciously really believe. It is our subconscious minds that creates and controls our Reality. We must also remember that in the entanglement of poly-solipsism our subconscious minds are influenced not only by what we each think to ourselves, but also by the information we receive from every other mind. It pays attention to every detail of the information coming in as well as our conscious thoughts and our preconscious self-talk and is just as easily influenced by the positive as it is by the negative. The power of Positive Thinking has been well known for generations. To control your Reality pay attention to your own thoughts, your self talk, and the information you allow into your universe from others. We reap what we sow.

We each are the Observer and sit in the center of our own universe. We each believe in our own self generated illusions. And because of our self-centered perspective we believe what we perceive must be perceived the same by all.

It causes us great discomfort to have our personal beliefs challenged. It upsets our comfortable universe, and we recoil against allowing opposing information into our universe.

The Observer is the I in mInd. It is our ego; our Id, and has carefully spun the web of the truth we believe, and the perch upon which we each sit. The Observer provides the perspective from where we view the information we have collected to construct our universe. Strand by strand the Id spun the web that provides our comfortable perch and the hazy lens we look through to observe our own universe and interpret the information generated by other minds.

We believe the truth that we perceive, but that hazy lens we have spun for ourselves filters out any information that does not reinforce itself. Adding contradictory information to our comfortable web requires rearranging our universe and re-spinning what we have so carefully constructed.

There is no Reality outside the mind of the observer. For anything to be realized the information must be observed and processed into the web spun around our Id. Inside our web it is Reality, outside it is unrealized information.

Information is all that really exists, and Reality is information processed by an Observer.

If we change the information, we change Reality.

4: These laws can be altered if the perception is altered.

Subject to Change

I know what I know, and I know it is true.

If you ask me for proof, I can talk till you're blue.

I have it all here, in print and in scrawl.

It's a fact, not a theory...In fact it's a law.

I know it's the truth, no matter how strange,

Oh, by the way, it's all subject to change.



Every philosophy and belief is simply one mind's illusion of Reality and how that Reality works. In a purely un-entangled Solipsist universe that is exactly what Reality is, and exactly how it works. Devoid of any information that will contradict it's own single minded truth, any truth it believes is the only truth, and therefore, the only Reality.

In a Poly-Solipsist universe every mind is entangled with countless other perspectives each providing countless other points of view. In most cases we are all entangled because we share similar pov's, and we pretty much all share the same illusion of Reality. The Moon is there because we are all looking at it, and we are all sharing the same information through our entanglement. If the information we receive about the Moon is changed our illusion will be changed. It will no longer be made of green cheese, and it will no longer be in a stationary orbit around the Earth. It was only a short while ago we were provided the information the Moon's orbit is receding away from the Earth, and sometime in the distant future will escape the Earth's gravity well.
Few doubted that information and therefore it was added to our own personal universe as truth. That new information changed our personal illusion of the Moon, and our entangled illusion of the Moon. The illusion remained persistent.

Our entanglement provides us each an opportunity to share our own personal philosophies and our own illusions of truth. In most cases we do not realize we each have the choice to accept or reject that information. If it fits reasonably well with our own personal illusions we accept whatever we are fed without question. The contention arises when incoming information does not fit very well with our own personal illusions.
Conflicting truths frustrates our personally constructed universe. It challenges our illusions of Reality and turns our personal universe upside down. It removes us from the cozy comfort zone we have constructed and leaves us kicking and thrashing about attempting to right ourselves and return to the comfort of our cherished illusion.
If we accept this new information, we are then required to reconstruct our personal universe to align with our new shared illusions of truth. New entanglements are established and old conflicting entanglements are relinquished or diminished to playing a lesser role. What we once held as sacred truth becomes fairy tales and superstitions. Or what we once believed to be fact is turned into falsehood. The illusions generated by Science are great at substituting one illusion with a more cultivated illusion of truth. Old theories and facts are abandoned for other new and improved facts that better fit our evolving illusions of Reality.

5:Our Shared Perceptions of Reality is generated from the combined perceptions of all entangled minds.

What is Reality?

Reality is Information processed by an Observer.

Particle physics tells us the gauge bosons are carriers of Information. When we interact with Reality it is the gauge boson that informs our senses just what we are interacting with. The gauge bosons do not exist as particles in and of themselves. They simply carry information, and therefore the gauge boson is the information it carries.
The information carried by the different gauge bosons tells us what color a thing is supposed to be, how hard it is supposed to be, how hot or cold it is supposed to be, and how it should feel, taste, smell and sound. The information about everything in our Reality is transferred to our senses by the gauge boson.

Quantum Mechanics tells us the Information carried by the gauge boson issues from the metaphysical quantum Universe, and that information is Observer selected. The nebulous metaphysical quantum field holds all the information containing all potential probabilities of everything we perceive as Reality. It is the interaction between the Observer and the quantum universe that determines what information will be realized and become Reality.
Reality is nothing more than the Information we each perceive.

The conclusions drawn by Poly-Solipsism tells us Information is all there really is. No-thing really exists, only the Information about "things" exist. What we perceive as a physical Reality is simply the processing of that information into a persistent illusion of a physical existence transmitted by the hocus-pocus of the guage boson informing our minds what we are supposed to be perceiving.

All the information about any conceivable Reality all exists as potential within the quantum universe. It only awaits the interaction with an Observer to be realized.

Where did this Information come from?

Where does any Information come from? The only thing in existence that can perceive, generate, store or create Information is the Mind. Information that is perceived by the Mind was created by the Mind.
The gauge boson does not really exist, only the information being transferred exists. The quantum universe does not really exist, anymore than the gauge boson exists. The quantum universe is the information it carries.

And what is Information?

Information is conceptualized truth created, generated, stored and transmitted by the entangled minds of The Singularity.

Information is Thought.

The Singularity is the consciousness of all entangled minds and Thoughts generated by the mind is its essence. The Singularity is our Consciousness and our individual minds entangled together are The Singularity. It has no existence independent of the minds that entangle to create it. And each of our individual minds provide a different perspective to the Collective Consciousness of The Singularity. Each mind is a degree of freedom that adds its own conceptualizations of truth to the whole of The Singularity. Each mind generates its own information describing its illusion of truth that is transmitted to every other entangled mind creating a persistent four dimensional holographic shared illusion of Reality.
Which is constantly evolving.

The Singularity is Infinite, Unbound, and Eternal. It cannot exist as an "Is," but only as a metaphysical Potential continually evolving, and our individual minds create the dimensions of our own evolution. Forever conceptualizing, generating, storing, transmitting, and processing our Thoughts into an illusion of Reality.

Every conceptualized truth has just as much validity as any other. All Truths are equal and have an equal potential to be realized. They all exist equally within the entangled minds of The Singularity, it is only our own apprehensions and expectations that discriminate between them.


Every one of us exist in our own universe. All the things I believe are only the universe I perceive. This is my personal universe which I offer to combine with all the other perceptions. It is only one of the possible universes that exist. What you perceive as Truth and Reality can be, and probably is, different than what I perceive. That is your personal universe you offer to combine with all the others. It is also one of the possible universes that exist.
Every mind has their own perception of what is truth and what is reality, and everyone of them exist as a possible Universe.
There are religious minds that believe the Universe was created by a god or gods. What they perceive is also a possible Universe that exists.
There are Scientific minds who believe there is nothing more to our Universe than the matter and energy we see all around us. That is their perception of truth and reality. That is their personal universe they offer to combine with all the rest, and is also one possible Universe that exists.

The Many Worlds theory contends there exists an alternate Universe for every choice anyone makes. In that alternate Universe you exist just as you are in this Universe, except sometime during your life you made a different choice and took a different road. Maybe you made many different choices and traveled many different roads, but they all exist in parallel to each other and you exist in everyone of them, just slightly different in each.
In the philosophy of Solipsism there is only one Universe, and it only exists in your mind. Your existence is the only thing you can be certain of. Everything else is only supposition and an illusion created by your own mind. You exist, but nothing else, and no one else really does. Thus you are the god of your universe and all you perceive is simply your own mind playing tricks on itself.

Quantum Physics, Superstring and M-Theory have a multi-dimensional quintessence of unseen energy warping our Universe into existence and manipulating the sub-atomic particles to create what we see as Reality.

With many of our worlds religious philosophies a God or Gods created everything, and granted humans a Free Will to chose for themselves.
So who is right? Which truth is The Truth?

They all are.

All philosophies have their attractions, but of all of them Solipsism is the hardest to resist, and the most difficult to dispute. After all it is the essence of "I Think; therefore I am," and anything after that is almost impossible to differentiate from pure illusion.

I have no doubt we do have a free will and can choose for ourselves what it is we wish to be the truth. If you believe in a Heaven and a Hell, than the heaven and hell you believe in will be your final destination. If you do not believe, than your final destination will be one of your own choosing. Your final outcome will be exactly what you believe it will be.

As with the Many Worlds theory there are an untold number of other universes, and as with Solipsism, every mind is a universe complete in itself. Whatever that mind believes to be the truth, is the truth for that universe. That is the Free Will of religious doctrine, to choose the truth you believe, to be the truth for your universe.
Contrary to Solipsism which admits the existence of only one mind. Poly-Solipsism admits the existence of untold numbers of other minds all entangled together to create what we perceive to be Reality. It is this entanglement of minds that keeps the illusion persistent.

With our ever increasing thirst for knowledge of the system we exist in, science has pushed the limits in examining the physical Universe. We just plain ran out of the physical and have ventured down the rabbit hole into the metaphysical. Quantum physics is the study of the metaphysical. With Quantum Physics we venture into what lies behind the curtain of our reality. We enter into a world of quantum existence in 11 dimensions where unseen forces shape our Universe and our Reality. Everything that exists in our Universe is entangled with, and radiates from, the Quantum UNIverse.
If everything in our Universe is entangled with and radiates from the Quantum Universe, it stands to reason our brain must also be entangled with and emanate from the Quantum Universe. Quantum links in the brain would mean our Id does not exist solely in a physical brain. Consciousness and self-awareness may exist in the quantum part of our Universe. With Quantum Theory science may now be discovering the domain of the spirit and soul.
It could be our interesting inclination to view ourselves as observers rather than participants in the Universe that surprises us so when we find we are not only connected to, but are fundamentally part of everything.
I do find it of interest, and consider it illuminating, how we view ourselves in relation to the rest of the Universe. We do consider ourselves as observers in the Universe rather than participating in the Universe. We are here. The Universe is...out there!
Poly-Solipsism tells us why we view ourselves as separate from the rest of the Universe. We do so because we are separate. Each of our mind/universes exist independent of each other, and when we view our shared Universe, we do so through the hazy lens of our own self generated universe.

The Placebo Effect.
Self-healing through belief alone. Cures brought about not by the mind or hands of a Psychic Healer, but by the mind of the patient. We call them miraculous and contribute them to a greater power, when all the time it is our own minds that contain the power.
Our minds not only have the power to heal our own bodies, but can manifest sunburn and blister through the power of suggestion alone.
Through hypnosis we hand over the controls of our universe to another mind. We allow that mind to manipulate our reality, and what we believe to be true, becomes true. If we are told we are being burned, we develop blisters on our skin. What better proof do you need to affirm our minds control our reality.
We create and reinforce our reality every second by self-hypnosis. Our 'self-talk' continually tells us what is possible and what is not. We place limits on our own abilities with our self-talk, and influence the reality of others with negative conditioning; not only through our words and actions, but through our thoughts and beliefs. What we share and communicate with others becomes a part of their universe also. Not only can we limit our own abilities, but we can limit the abilities of everyone else with negative beliefs. Every thing we are exposed to from the moment we become aware is added to, and used to build our universe. What we see and believe of our Universe, is what we have been told to believe.

The reason we are having so much trouble agreeing on much of anything is because we all do exist in a different universe.
Every time we compare perceptions between ourselves and any other person we get a glimpse into another universe.
Every philosophy ever written is just one persons description of what exists in their own universe, and may or may not have any relevance to what exists in any other person's universe.
It is different because what and how we perceive is different. It is different because we all are perceiving from a different persective.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."
"Art is a matter of personal taste."
"Music is a matter of personal choice."

All these things are different for everyone because they all appear differently in our different universes.

Have you ever wondered why some people find certain combinations of colors pleasing while to you they are garish? The reason is those colors look different in the other persons universe.

We each have our own taste, and what taste or smells good to one person can be odious to another. Why is that? The taste and the smell of anything is based on the same chemical reactions. If something taste or smells good, it should taste and smell good to everyone. The reason it doesn't is because everything has a different taste and a different smell in a different universe.

What makes up our universe? Each of our universes are composed by all the things we perceive, and if we all perceive everything differently we all exist in a different universe.

Not only are colors, sounds, smells and taste different for each of us, everything else is also.
Truth in one universe is different than the truth in another universe, even though we may be standing right next to another person, the universe we each exist in, is a different universe.

In one universe ghost not only are possible, they appear frequently. In another universe they do not exist at all, and the person existing in that universe will not see one, even if they were standing right next to a person existing in the a universe where ghost do exist. In one universe ESP works, in another it does not. UFOs visit in one universe, but not in another. One universe was created by a God/s. In another universe there are no Gods. We argue and call each other "Nuts" or insane because what we know is true, is not the same as what they believe and know is true. We refuse to except the possibility there can be any other truth than the one we believe.

Every mind exists in its own universe, but what is part of one universe can become part of another universe. When we entangle in this reality we share our perceptions and describe what exists in our universe. When we do, we invite others to join their universe with ours so we all can see the same things.

The difference between Poly-Solipsism and Solipsism is the recognition of the existence of other egos, but that small difference makes all the difference in the Universe.
It changes the Universe from one of pure illusion existing only in one mind, to a Universe of a collective reality where what is perceived is manifested by the shared perceptions of the uncounted many.

With Poly-Solipsism we get a Universe of divergent realities amalgamating to produce an ever changing macrocosm of possible realities. It allows for conflicting and contradictory 'truths' to exist in the same apparition of reality, leaving the 'Ultimate Truth' as yet to be decided.

Every mind is its own universe, and exists independent from all other minds. What exists as truth in anyone of these mind/universes is what that particular mind believes to be true, and what is true in one mind/universe may or may not be true in any other. But any truth can be altered or changed at any time by changing the perception of the mind.
Everyone continuously changes their perceptions of reality, and their universe changes accordingly. Changes are introduced both internally by formulating new concepts and externally by entangling with other minds with different perceptions.
It is this exchange of perceived truths between entangled minds that creates our Shared Reality.

What we see as Reality are the perceptions we share in common with other entangled minds. Those things we perceive as true take shape in every universe with the same perception. Our minds still exist independently of each other, but the entangled minds who share the same belief all perceive the same Reality.

Since every mind contains a multitude of different perceptions and can be entangled simultaneously with many other minds each containing a non-shared perception. It is the perceptions we share in common that entangle, and one mind may be entangled with another mind with very little in common. In our contact with these different perceptions we have the opportunity to alter our own perceptions and entangle further, or reject them and restrict further entanglement. Either way what was learned from the other mind, even the rejected perceptions, are added to our total accumulation of knowledge and becomes part of our superstructure from which we weave our universe.

Our senses are our main avenues of communication with other minds in this Reality, and everything we read, see, hear, smell, and touch is a perception and becomes a part of our mind/universe. Any addition, no matter how small, changes our universe. The change can have either a positive or negative influence, but with every change what we perceive as reality will also change.
Any idea or perception, once it is introduced, is added to the mind/universe and will change that universe. It does not matter if the perception is accepted or rejected, it is still added to the mind/universe. Anything that is added to the mind will have an influence on that mind. Any influence changes the perceptions, and therefore changes the mind/universe.

The concept of Poly-Solipsism maintains that we, and the whole universe we perceive, exist in our own mind. Everyone of us exist in our own universe, and each of those universes are different than any other.
Any answer I, or anyone else, can give to your questions are only what is perceive in our own personal universe.
The only truth we cannot escape is we exist. After that, everything else is our own philosophy.

Right now our minds are entangled together and we share a perception of a physical Universe, but that perception is totally in our own mind. Most of it was inserted there by others we had contact with in our existence, but we build on these and add our own as we decide what it is we wish to believe.
If you believe there is a God and you will be judged, then that is what you will find. You will create your own Heaven and your own Hell, and you will judge yourself. No matter how hard you try to hide, you cannot hide from your own mind, and you will decide your on fate.

What makes up our illusion of a physical Universe is gathered from our entanglement and our shared perceptions. We build our mind and our personal universe from this entanglement by choosing from among them those concepts we wish to believe.

Why we are here, why is there a Universe, and what The Ultimate Truth will be is what we are all still working on. Everyone of us will have a different answer to how and a different reason for why.

I setout to find how our reality is created and why everyone firmly believes so many and sometimes contradictory things. I set out to find the fundamental Truth behind all truths.
What I found was not what I expected.

There are no answers. There are only choices.

We are The Singularity.

We all believe the truth we perceive, but we only perceive the truth we believe.

The Final Summation:

There is but One Consciousness, of which every mind is entangled, and from which every mind draws the Information to manifest its own Reality.

Consciousness is Information. The mind is the Observer of Information. We all share the very same Consciousness but perceive from our own unique perspective. Since every mind has its own unique perspective it will perceive in its own unique way. No two minds will ever completely agree on everything.

Information is Thought. The Observer/Mind both perceives and creates the information the One Consciousness contains.

The essence of Reality is Thought. Thought is the "emptiness" at the heart of all matter.
The stone does not exist outside the mind, or inside the mind. The stone does not exist at all. Only the information contained in consciousness of thought about a stone exists.
The stone is an illusion.

We do not exist in Reality. Reality exists in our minds.
Every mind will choose its own answers and create its own illusions of Reality.
Any one illusion is just as true, and just as good as any other.

When one surrenders the ego and recognizes its own solipsism, then it will recognize its own Reality for what it is; an illusion. Only then will it realize there are no answers. There are only choices.

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