Do no Harm.

So what is The Singularity, and how do we know it "exists"?

We first start with the only thing we can be certain of: We Exist!

In order for anything at all to exist, 'something' must have always existed. The reason is we cannot have a true Nothingness that evolves into Somethingness unless there is a 'something' to disturb Nothingness into evolving. A true Nothingness would be completely satisfied, and being devoid of any and all properties is completely beyond entropy or perturbation ( anxiety ).

The Null Set is the most stable of all probabilities.

Since we know we exist, logically it must follow, the Null Set; Nothingness cannot have ever been the state. We cannot get 'something' from 'nothing' because there is no-thing in nothing to begin with, and thus there is no-thing to evolve into 'something.'

For anything at all to exist, 'something' must have always existed!

What is that "Something"?

Since we exist, Where do we exist, or What do we exist in?

We can start by saying we exist on this planet, in this solar system, this galaxy, and in this Universe.

But what does the Universe exist in?

Sooner or latter we must arrive at the First Container that contains everything else, but that is not itself contained in or by anything else.

If the First Container is not 'contained,' it has no boundaries. No Boundaries means not only is it Unbound, but it has no beginning and no ending. Therefore, it must be Infinite, Unbound, and Eternal. If it is Infinite, Unbound and Eternal, it must be The Singularity.

Not just 'a' singularity, it must be "The" Singularity. Since it is Infinite there can not be any other singularities. The Singularity must be Singular in its existence. All other so called singularities are only anomalies that exist within The Singularity.

An Infinite Unbound and Eternal Singularity must then be the answer to First Cause, and because The Singularity is 'Something' it answers the Fundamental Question why is there 'Something' and not 'Nothing'! Because if Nothingness had ever been the case, by its very unnature, Nothingness would always be the case.

I must point out the absence of e=mc^2 energy that makes up our Universe is not 'Nothingness.' Quantum Physics tells us all our energy emanates from the UnReality of the Quantum Universe. So if all our e=mc^2 energy reverted back into metaphysical quantum energy, there would be 'No-Physical-Thing' in our Universe, but it would not be absolute Nothingness. The Singularity would still exist.

But now we run into a slight problem. An Infinite, Unbound, and Eternal Singularity is an Infinity. An Infinity cannot 'exist' as an "Is"! It has no beginning and no ending, and it is unbound, therefore is does not, and cannot exist as a complete Whole. It is condemned to an eternal state of Potential existence.

It is this Potential existence that give us a clue as to the fundamental properties of what The Singularity is. It is Potential, and Potential is a yet to be realized Reality.

Where does this Potential come from?

All we can know about The Singularity is what we perceive to be "in it," but because it is a Singularity, no-thing can be "in" it, all things must be "of" it. There cannot be anything that is not The Singularity, so Everything 'is' The Singularity.

Since the only thing we can be certain of is We Exist, then We do not exist in The Singularity, we are not a part of The Singularity. We are The Singularity.

And since we exist as The Singularity anything we can ascribe to ourselves must by default be an attribute of The Singularity.

The only thing we know for certain is we Think; we are conscious. Consciousness must then be an attribute of The Singularity.

If we do not try to complicate anything more than necessary, and avoid making unnecessary assumptions, then We Exist and Consciousness as The Singularity are all that is necessary. Anything we attempt to add is only an unnecessary complication. The Singularity is composed of Consciousness, and We are the Consciousness of The Singularity.

And what is Consciousness?

Consciousness is Mind, it is Thinking, it is Thought itself; which metaphysically fulfills the quality of Infinite and Unbound Potential.

Thoughts are infinite and unbound, and portends what is yet to be.

What then becomes of Reality and Nothingness within The Singularity of Consciousness?

First of all there are no regions within The Singularity. The Singularity is consciousness and does not exist as an object in our four dimensional Universe. It is purely metaphysical and devoid of spacetime dimensions. It has no height, width, or depth as we would envision a finite object to have. Being pure metaphysical The Singularity does not even exists as a 'point existence' which would require it to have a substance to be a point in a physical Reality. Metaphysically it is no more tangible, and has no more physical dimensions than a Thought.

Within our thoughts we can envision a four 'dimensional' object such as a box. We can envision a cardboard box 3 feet long, two feet high, and one foot wide. If we give it a lid we can envision the dimension of time by opening and closing that lid. We can envision volume, by placing 'objects' into it.

That box now exists as a four dimensional object in a zero physical dimensional illusion. That box exists in our thoughts, which have infinite degrees of metaphysical freedom, but does not actually exist in four spacetime dimensions. Those spacetime dimensions are part of the manifestation, and do not actually exist. They exist in our minds only.

Now let us completely eradicate the box from our minds so that it no longer exists. In fact let us cleanse our minds of everything. What is left is No-Thing, but not Nothing, our minds still exist. We can envision a state of Nothingness, but that concept of Nothingness can only exist as a concept in our thoughts; our thoughts still exist.

Since The Singularity is infinite and unbound there are no boundaries outside. It is not an object with physical dimensions so there are no areas or zones to border off and create a boundary between itself and a void of Nothingness, so it cannot have boundaries inside.

In order for there to be a true Nothingness there can be no Thought, or consciousness to carry that thought, and if there is no consciousness, there is no Singularity.

If there are no boundaries what separates one mind from another? Without a separator there would be no Individuality of thought or Ego or mind. There would only be the one mind of Solipsism, and all minds would have but a single thought. All minds would think alike.

We, as Individuals, know this is not the case. There are too many points of view on just about every subject and belief that it is obvious we do not think alike; we do not think with a single mind.
If there was but one single mind there would be but one perspective and no contention between beliefs. There would be but one mind, one thought and one point of view. Obviously there is not.

Individually we each possess our own mind and view Reality from our own unique perspective. We do not share a single mind, but we share the single consciousness of The Singularity. Together, our entangled minds create that shared consciousness of The Singularity. Together we are The Singularity.

What becomes of "Nothingness"?.

If there is only the collective consciousness of The Singularity, and The Singularity is a metaphysical entity with no dimensions and no boundaries either within or without, how can there be individual minds?
The answer is in the Perspective.

An Infinite and Unbound Singularity would require infinite and unbound degrees of freedom. Each individual mind represents an infinite degree of freedom separated by Nothing but its own Perspective. Just as there is Nothing that separates one spatial dimension from the other but the perspective view. The height, weight, and depth of our spatial dimensions are interchangeable, and are only defined by our current point of view. Rotate them by 90 or 180 degrees in any direction and one becomes the other. They are each a different degree of freedom, but there is nothing that separates one from the other but our perspective. Perspective is the Nothingness that separates one degree of freedom from another. Perspective is the Nothingness; the degree of freedom, that separates one mind from another.

Consciousness is Information.

The collective consciousness of The Singularity is thus the Information generated by the different perspectives of individual entangled minds. Consciousness is the Information generated by the unique perspective of each individual mind and shared in the collective consciousness of The Singularity. Reality is Information selected, refined and processed by the Observer from its unique perspective, but that Information is generated by the collective minds of The Singularity.


Revised on 12/20/04, Up-dated on Nov. 23, 2005

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